Members who failed to attend Summer-12 Examination are requested to apply on or before 25-09-2012 for their On-Demand Examination.
The IES-IGNOU Community College offers the advantage of tailoring programmes to local and state-based requirements and to use approaches that will be most acceptable to workers in the specific community viz. the Govt./Semi Govt./Public Sector/Private Sector. A few illustrative examples in this regard are programmes in the areas of various branches of engineering with a good potential of vocationally trained technicians , professionals of various departments of automobile sector, power sector, construction sector and co related sub-sectors with specialization of work artisan-ship followed by proper certification enabling the professionals who have undergone proper training as per schedule fixed by the academic committee of IES-IGNOU.
  • Puri ITI Kohka Bhilai
  • Puri ITI Bhilai-3
  • Puri ITI Churcha
  • Goswami Polytechnic Bhilai
  • Kavya Institute of Management & Technology
  • Bharti Education
  • Indira Gandhi Open University
  • Ministry of Labour, Govt of India
  • Institutions of Mechanical Engineers, India
  • Institutions of Civil Engineers, India
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  2. Examination Schedule
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